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AutoCAD LT Tools

Add new power to AutoCAD LT ( CADSTA Tools   (AutoCAD LT 2014 to LT 2004)

With CADSTA Tools you can run LISP in AutoCAD LT...

CADSTA Tools is designed to be a productivity enhancement for AutoCAD software.

CADSTA Tools is compatible to AutoCAD 2014 to AutoCAD 2007 Full version and

LT version. It fully supports XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac on Parallels.

CADSTA Tools provides the ability to support LISP programs. It loads and runs

both simple and complex LISP programs, including runtime loading of LISP files.

In addition, CADSTA Tools contains a wide range of enhancement features to improve

productivity. These impressive features include: Appload, Startup Suite, System

Variable Manager, XREF Manager, Image Manager, Shade Mode, quick viewport

routines settings, easy layer control dialog box, customization keys for fast access,

3d Face, 3d Mesh, Pface and many more...

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What our users say

“… this is the most functional toolbox for all engineering disciplines I have ever been privilege in using. Thank you for your wonderful product!”
John Lovin

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